audrey kawasaki

This is painter who i finded yesterday. The style is amazing. The talent is obvious. Take a look at her web site if you are interested in. You won`t regret :) Have a great Art-Monday! :)

music for lovers

this is the name of the album that i`m listening to all day long in the last 2 weeks. The musiciant is John Coltrane. This is the best jazz ever. I feel so good that i can`t describe it. Only those who love and feel that kind ot music can understand me. ..So here are views from one of my 8 little windows that are standing high above the city. :) I`m wishing you to have the greatest weekend ! :)

My first finished project for this term :)

These are some of the pictures that i`ve prepared for this project. We had to create a city environment which is in the center of out capital- Sofia.
It is a channel who had a big history but is not used in nowadays. There are many parks who are so closed to this channel, but thay are not ralated. In this parks many young peopel skate and practise sports liek this,so.... My idea is to make skate and blade ramps, walks and pools, which ralated all the parks in this area and make it useful. Also people can walk arround without any skate or blade, just by feet

spring time!

This is something that you should take a look at if you are interested in art... These paintings are watercolor, although maybe you think thay are photos. - for more of these gorgeous paintings

This is a photo-shot of my older watercolour paintings. I`m definetely decided to get better, learning from the best, so i`m searching for a lessons in technics. Of course that could happen after the semester ends:) If you want to show me your works, please welcome :)

Il Redentore, Venice
Santa Maria Novella, Firenze
Santa Maria dei Miracoli, Venice
San Francesco, Rimini

Atempt to show my impression of these four architectural monuments.
They don`t look exactly like the real buildings, but we have the right to imagine something more than what we see, haven`t we?
I`ll be happy to know your opinion about them. :)

Hello, Everyone! My first blog, my first publication.. I`m really excited about doing this. It feels so strange to have your own place in the big internet world:)

<--- I love cats, but mice don`t like them as you see.