Hey,guys. Today was a really pretty birthday. I was celebrating with my family in a small, nice reastaurant, with a great white wine and so delicious meal. Know i'm expecting friday with a huge smile, cause we're going to celebrate my BDay for 2nd time with a great excursion to my hometown and we'll be tasting a lot of great food and wine in a lovely restaurant.These flowers are from my grandmother who send my in a package! and after 1 day pressed there they are just wonderful standing at the white vase :))
As you know i'm studying French for some time and here is a lovely french blog that i found...
Check out these beautiful Bottles (bouteilles) :) I LOVE love love glass!Have a beautiful evening or day... :)

My Birthday! :)

Hi, dear friends! I know i
m so bad with my blog but i can't even say i'm sorry...We were just my sister, my boyfriend and I...and it was absolutely perfect for celebration with a wine and of course cake that my sister gave me as surprise :))
Today is the most important day of my year :)
I wish myself to be healthy and nothing more! this year have happend something that make me change my wishes.
See how i started my party-week (cause usual the party for my birthday is more that just one day or evening) :
and here...something very beautiful that i found here :
Enjoy your beautiful day! Here it's raining a lot, but that can't stop me feeling great and loved! :)

Wine, Please!

What do you prefer White or Red wine?
When i was little my parents always give me and my sister some red whine with a lot of water :)
Today I have a really nice evening with my sister and her friend. A lot of whine, Laugh, and of course a delicious meals made from my mother!
This beautiful charismatic photo is from here.
Have a really good fresh start on the new week! Kisses! :)