Wine, Please!

What do you prefer White or Red wine?
When i was little my parents always give me and my sister some red whine with a lot of water :)
Today I have a really nice evening with my sister and her friend. A lot of whine, Laugh, and of course a delicious meals made from my mother!
This beautiful charismatic photo is from here.
Have a really good fresh start on the new week! Kisses! :)


Sofia said...

I don't like wine but wine photos and glasses I love!
Great photo*

pilarcat said...

I don't drink wine. I don't drink alcohol at all. Just don't like it :-P
Beautiful photo though ;-D

Miss Always Carried Away said...

I like rose or champagne. you know depends on occasion. Sometimes I'd go with red wine sometimes with white but to be honest it's difficult to find good white wines.

Have a great weekend!

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