Good Morning!

Hi everyone:) I'm drinking my morning coffee and wondering do you already remember me? lol :) I haven't been blogging so long ago... I don't know maybe I need a time to get my everyday rhytm back since the uni starts again.

I didn't tell you that i bought an Orchid Flower 2 weeks ago, it's so beautiful and perfect. I look at him like it's a human. Do you have a flowers in your apartment?

And here are the orchid flowers that i paint months ago. Most of you didn't see them probably so i show them again:)Have a fantastic day everyone!

Lovely House

Hi, dear artists!
I had such a bad weeks, so many terrible things have happened to me that i couldn't even think of my blog! I'm so sorry i stopped posting. Also i'm sure i have missed a lot of your lovely blogs.
Hope everything is going to be fine and i won't leave you again :)

As a new start (the uni is starting in 2 days) I want to make you a pleasure with this lovely house. Enjoy it! And have a fresh start of the week everyone :)

Some Lovely Stuff

I found these lovely painting on my pc so i wanted to share them with you.

This one is my favourite. Love that brutal look...

Ahh, what a pleasure! Cocktails and cigarettes...
Some fashion illustration again:

Good Morning!

Good Morning, everybody! (ok, some of you good evening :) ) I'm drinking my morning coffee and cheking your lovely blogs! it's like every other morning, except that i'm packaging for a family trip to mountain and some lovely cities.
I will miss ya a lot!
Hope you have a wonderful week:)

This lovely photo is from here.