Good Morning!

Hi everyone:) I'm drinking my morning coffee and wondering do you already remember me? lol :) I haven't been blogging so long ago... I don't know maybe I need a time to get my everyday rhytm back since the uni starts again.

I didn't tell you that i bought an Orchid Flower 2 weeks ago, it's so beautiful and perfect. I look at him like it's a human. Do you have a flowers in your apartment?

And here are the orchid flowers that i paint months ago. Most of you didn't see them probably so i show them again:)Have a fantastic day everyone!


pilarcat said...

Beautiful orchid! My dad use to have one. Sometime I just wonder
how nature shapes the flower into such perfection.

Did I tell you I love your new blog theme? Looks cozy and cute. :-D

Oh! I was so busy and forgot to reply your mail. :-P
I quite agree with you that sometimes we just want to see something different from the world we live in especially me who stay at home all day. The farthest place I could go in the past 2 months is the market in my neighborhood. How boring is that!

Anyway, have a great day and enjoy blogging!

Elise said...

Beautiful orchid ! I managed to keep three going last year, but the rare ones really interest me and they are frankly too expensive to mess with !

Bri said...

Those orchids are gorgeous! I really like them. And the watercolor is lovely as well.

Sofia said...

I've been away too so I can't really be mad at you hahaha

Welcome back:)

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