Art: At Home

Hi, dear artistic friends! I haven't been here these days. I was quite bussy to make the party for my sister's birthday and having a lovely time with my boyfr. I've missed you and saturday morning will be a moment to see what i've missed in your awesome blogs! :)
I'm thinking for a long tim that here in my hometown apartment we have so much art-stuff and paintings from a professional painters that i have to show them to you!
So here it is the First!
It is made from one friend of my parents called Nikolai Tiholov.
He is the best, I think.
We called him yesterday that we would buy one for present and for one night he did it. Isn't he AWESOME!
Hope you have a great weekend. I'm relaxing with a glass of wine this friday evening :)

P.S. I forgot to tell you that this is e view of my hometown

Start the Weekend with INSPIRATION

Hi, Everyone! It's been a week since i posted. I don't know why but I don't find time or subject to post even i still check my favourite blogs every day:)
Here I offer you to get an inspiration from a fashion illustrator and decorator.
Echo Morgan
She not only makes an awesome illustrations, but also a fabolous accessories!
And I got to tell you It's a big luck to me seeing this hat,cause i'm searching to buy a little hat for me for a long time!I hope you all get this post as a big breath of inspiration and have a great, really great Saturday! :)

Sea thoughts

Yupii... Friday again!
Althought for me it doesn't matter what day it is, i wish you have a great weekend!It seems i can find space and time to paint again for 1st time since i stanr the summer vacation and came here in my hometown!
If you read my older post you'll see something similar between this painting here(which is mine) and one painting bellow. This was not an attempt to paint the same but just ground of which i was inspired. So PLEASE DO NOT compare them! :)
I'm so happy right now after painting...maybe you know how i feel... The only thing that i can do is go get some tan at my friend's house with a pool :) what a lovely day!
Wish you best mood today!

Weird? Staircase?

When it comes to staircase, have you ever thought of how far would you go with them?
Would you choose something different to make your home the most unique and modern even if that is not so comfortable at 1st sight?
I will tell you about myself- YES! I would love to have something weird and beautiful as a piece of art even if that is the regular staircase.

For those of you who are interested in plan/section, please click here!
I wish you have a lovely and inspiring day! :)

My New Obsession

Hi, dear friends!
How is your week starting?

I follow my traditions for summer time and just came bake from my grandmother's house!
It was such a big relaxing for me! I can't wait to go there again in the next month.
Did you saw the pictures above?
This is my new obsession! Arnold Lowrey's Art ! I think it doesn't need more words. His art says all that must be said here!
I hope it will be an awesome inspiration for you as it is for me! :)
Have a great day!

French Touch

Last weekend i was on a trip with my family to the seaside.
Here are some photos that are not in bulgarian style for decoration. They are more french by my opinion. I hope you like them. My favourite is the old bycicle- just gorgeous!

Friday night

I just finished this watercolor, but can`t take a photo to be the same as it is in fact.
I show you the beginning and in the middle of the process, cause on the second photo the colors are more likely to the real colors.

What are your plans for the weekend? :)

New Blog Background :))))

Hi, everyone!
Do you see my new backgroung?
I hope you feel better now with this floral and sunny vibes here as i feel :)))
It's fridayyy :)) the end of the week...which is not that important for me as i`m done with university and have no work LOL :))
Have the greatest weekend!!!

colorful vibes

How are you doing today, creative friends?
I`m chillin with my laptop and wonderful watercolors that i found in past hours.
Check them if you`re fascinated by art and watercolors like me :)

The 1st one is from

Yummi Yummi studio
with its absolutely GORGEOUS print!
I'm goind to show you regulary my taste in watercolors here in my blog. So be close to see if we love the same stuff in art :)
Have a great and lovely evening/day (here it's evening:) )


I got tagged by Iva at iva-y.

Here are the rules: -answer the questions
-replace a question that you don`t like, with one by your choise
-add one more question
-tag 8 people to continue the game of tagging :)

What is the thing that makes you happy? The thing that makes me happy is not just one :) For example I feel more alive than ever when something unespected happens! Do you get my thought?

Coffee or tea? Coffee! My one and only love:) Recently i drink coffee with milk because of the heart which prefers lighter coffee, althought my mouth and receptions like it strong! :))

What’s for dinner? Tomato and cucumbers salad with a lot of cheese, which by the way is totaly different and unique in my country. Grilled Chicken and maybe something sweet later for dessert :) yummy

What was the last thing you bought? An awesome dress. Most people tell me that i have a great taste(sometimes i don`t know why:) ) and this one is just like i made it- colorful, lovely and joyful:)

What are you listening to right now? I keep it quiet right now, cause everybody is sleeping :) But it's a great relaxation for me with no sound only hearing my thoughts. It's very pleasent actually.

What is your favourite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe? Oh they are so many things...I`m honest, i have 3 dresses that are waiting for going out tonight, but don`t know which one to choose! I`m glad I have 1 more hour to think about it :)))

What is your favourite ice cream flavour? I`ve always loved only one ice cream- chocolate and vanilla. I`m not very experimental with food flavours.

What do you think of the person(s) who tagged you? Can`t describe it in one answer, I know her for 3 years. In just a few words- creative, pretty, always laughting and too kind with people :)

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? Oh i just come back from a little trip to the seaside:) I wish i could stay there 2 days more, not only an hour. This plan is going to happen anyway, so i choose Rio de Janairo- my dream from childhood. Wish me luck to fulfil my dream

Which language do you want to learn? I would like to learn french or spanish or italian. I adore these countries. But most of all i`m too lazy at that moment to learn language with books and notebooks:)

What is your favourite colour? I definitely don`t have a favourite color. As many painters said- there are no bad colors, only bad combinations of them.

If you had £100 now, what would you spend it on? Oh no doubt, i'd be going on trip at the exact minute. This is my favourte thing to do!

How much do you rate your creativeness? I rate it high but didn't make that obvious yet :)

Describe your personal style? I don`t like to put things into defined lines. People change and we see that first in their style of art or live. I think I`m colorful, dynamic, not simple

What are you going to do after this? I`m going out, as i told you with one of my pretty dresses, with my friends, drinking beer at our favourite very artistic bar.

What are your favourite movies? I preffer comedies. And I watch serious movies only in cinema. When i`m at home i prefer a movie which makes me laugh.

What inspires you? I'm inspired from too many things, but mostly from things in my mind that no one sees. The inspiration is the most powerful feeling for me. I LOVE when it comes many times per day at different and very unespected moments :)

What is your favourite fruit? In winter or in summer? I like oranges and raspberries most.

Do you collect something? I`m not e big fan of collecting. When i was little all the kids and i collected many things and we were exchanging them between us. Now i prefer to throw away LOL:)

If you could change your name to anything, what would you call yourself? I`m proud of my parents. My name isn`t very popular here, but they are such a good mom and dad to think beyond traditions.

How many times do you press the snooze button before you get up? I don`t know. I`m still sleeping while doing this. lol :))

What is your favourite smell? Many smells. I like the smell of my home, the smell when i wake up next to my bfr, the smell of fruits, coffee, pop-corns.

What is your biggest regret? I don`t agree with that question. It`s time-lost to regret. Life goes on :)

What are you most proud of? As a kid i always make my own little dreams, like: to have a dog, to got a rollerskate. Now the last one was going to the university. The entrance examinations very difficult in my country.

Cats or dogs? Both of them. First I had a dog and now I have a cat. I`ll abuse my little sweet cat if i answer dogs LOL :))) Cats are cruel animals.

What’s your biggest fashion mistake? I don't think i have any.

What is your guilty TV pleasure? I adore watching sit-coms. The last one is Weeds. Totaly recomend it!

What did you want to be when you grew up? Oh since I was 10 or 12 years old I decided I wanna be an architect, maybe cause i saw my father everyday drawing beautiful buildings. NowI want to be many things and i think, as i said before, that i prefer not to put in lines everything, especially our plans

If you could meet any person dead or alive who would it be? What are these questions?! lol. I don`t have only one answer! Am I too complicated?! I`ll keep that without answer if you let me :)

What is your biggest dream? My dream is to see as many places as i can see in one life! Starting with Rio de Janeiro and New York :)

The photo up is of one of my painting: Orchids. These are one of my favourites flowers since i saw them.

See who i choose to be next tagged:

These people here are so inspiring and great artists!

Are you reading this?
I hope you didn`t get bored. LOL :D :D :D

colorful art is chasing me

These here are having fun, aren`t they?
I love the artistic atmosphere!

I don`t know why. It`s too strange sometimes when i find everywhere so much colorful vivid and crazy art stuff like these here.
I`m absolutely impressed by them!
Check them with eyes opened to the color and composition :)

This is my favourite! see the closer view to it too.

This one remind me of projects that we used to make during 1st and 2nd year at university. It was my favourite stuff then. :) memories...
If you like them as i do, check this site :) Have a great day. Here is 1 a.m. and i feel such a power that night.

art stuff

Hey, talented artists, what`s up with u?
These days i`ve been too bussy with 1st trip for the summer to seaside, going out at my favourite places in my hometown and other quite nice stuff like these so i forgot about Internet. It was a really huge relaxing for me.

I`m just checking for great artists and see what i found just a minutes ago:)
Oscar San Miguel Erice is young artist, who impressed me with very colorful and flowing compositions. See some of them and check the other on its own site, which is amazingly inspiring for me, i hope for you too:)
This one is my favourite.
I hope you like these treasures that i found. Wish you all a day full of joy and art :)

summertime is here

:) After long and really hard year at university i`m officially done with it! All the exams are just in the past and after the last i go to buy myself a dress to celebrate the beginning of my summer :))
I have a lot of plans and hopes for this summer, which i`m going to tell you later.
The 1st thing is my dream to go to that beach! This is the heaven, isn`t it?
What are you going to do this summer?
I really wish everyone to have the best summer!
Now i`m going outside to buy some presents for my sister. Have a sunny day! See you all later:) BIG HUG to you