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Yupii... Friday again!
Althought for me it doesn't matter what day it is, i wish you have a great weekend!It seems i can find space and time to paint again for 1st time since i stanr the summer vacation and came here in my hometown!
If you read my older post you'll see something similar between this painting here(which is mine) and one painting bellow. This was not an attempt to paint the same but just ground of which i was inspired. So PLEASE DO NOT compare them! :)
I'm so happy right now after painting...maybe you know how i feel... The only thing that i can do is go get some tan at my friend's house with a pool :) what a lovely day!
Wish you best mood today!


xavia said...

wow kolko stranno da se namerim taka, ne znaeh 4e u4i6 sym vav fakulteta po izobrazitelni izkustva, u4a jivopis :) mnogo mnogo stranno kak ne6tata se promenqt, nali.

Rachel Follett said...

Cool painting! Hope you had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I like the gesture of your line work. I didn't compare them!

I found your blog by browsing Lauren Alexander's followers.
She's generously donated one of her prints for a Giveaway on my blog. When you have a moment, come check it out on my blog here:

Have a lovely week,
Kara Witham

Sofia said...

Oh you changed the layout of the blog:D
I think I've been missing a lot of thing while out:/

K @ Blog Goggles said...

This is a gorgeous painting!

Sweet carolain Arengando a la gilada..Por un mundo menos pedorro said...


lori vliegen said...

your painting is beautiful! i just love the rich colors that you used! thanks so much for visiting my blog....have a great day! :)

Bri said...

This is lovely! Is it a watercolor?

Laura Trevey said...

thanks for the Birthday wishes!!
LOVE this painting :)

xo Laura

shicat said...

What a beautiful watercolor. Isn't that how we learn by copying those that we admire? Just a great style very free!

Trevor Lingard said...

Fabulous watercolours.
I look forward to following your work.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

amazing painting, so lovely!

Trevor Lingard said...

Stunning work.
This is beautiful.

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