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Hey, talented artists, what`s up with u?
These days i`ve been too bussy with 1st trip for the summer to seaside, going out at my favourite places in my hometown and other quite nice stuff like these so i forgot about Internet. It was a really huge relaxing for me.

I`m just checking for great artists and see what i found just a minutes ago:)
Oscar San Miguel Erice is young artist, who impressed me with very colorful and flowing compositions. See some of them and check the other on its own site, which is amazingly inspiring for me, i hope for you too:)
This one is my favourite.
I hope you like these treasures that i found. Wish you all a day full of joy and art :)


lenival said...

честит блог!(с малко закъснение)да ти е весел и цветен и да си го вписваш редовно!

аз гласувам за червеното лице с цветята...невероятно е!

Sofia said...

About my thank you post, you're my kind of girl:) We should receive an award for niceness:p

Love the graffiti, specially the colourful circle:)

Sofia said...

I looked for the Romanian notes. The last ones of this list are the right ones?


I need a guide said...

cool post!
love the colour.

Mandy said...

I love these Lora - amazing stuff, great to see what you got here.

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