1st stamp!

:)) I`m so excited to show this! for month i wanted to do a stamp and it wan`t that easy as i first thought, because i couln`t find all the thing i need for thet purpose.

I would like to make many many stamps with other colors. But i can`t find anywhere colors except- blue, red and black :{

But i`m so happy with this result (as first) ! Do you like it? WiSH YOU a joyful and sunny week! :)))

the ladybird and its friends:)

Here are my flowers with souls, just like us!
There is the happy one, the sad one, the sleepy one, the bad boy, the innocent girl, the strict lady, the joygul teacher, the loving one, the weird girl, the angry working man and the little singing ladybird. :)
It was quite fun to paint such an individuals!
What are you doing this sunday night?

refreshing the art-boxes

Hei, what`s up? Did you go to bar last night or you were relaxing, just like me?
See what i made to refresh the pencil-boxes!

Do you like to make things on your own? With paper, or just to paint over the boxes, or something else?
I LOVE to do such things

what a powerful night

Saturday night and i`m exhilarated. here is my new watercolor! i whing i`m goin wild with the painting :)))

lazy weekend

this is such a lazy weekend. i went out only to buy this pretty flowepot to make my lovely flower more space. Its very fast-growing and i hope it feels comfortable in its new home

How do you enjoy this weekend?

friday night- art`s night

I`m at home and there is nothing else i can do except painting.
This i called Storm over Sea. It`s nothing more than trying different techniques in watercolor.
What is your plan for the weekend?
I`m gonna paint paint paint :D

some art

How is your friday? Mine is a little boring because i had such a desire to make some hand carved stamps. Unfortunately with no reason i can`t explane how it could be that but in my country in the Capital of it I can`t find exactly what i need for that stamps... No matter here i find something interesting as well and it makes me forget about the failure.

And by the way Iva
is posting something that she made and it`s what i`m talkin about :)

Here i find something beautiful! this girl make so pretty things. She is a graphic designer and illustrator. Her works are great example of design. I`m completely in love with them!
Have a lovely, inspiring and relaxing weekend :)


What a good days... How are your? Do you paint? How do you entertain? I feel so inspired to paint that i just can`t stop! I`m happy that i can show my paintings to artistic people like you, through my blog. And you will definitely make my day if you tell me your opinior (positive or negative) :)

blue parrot

How are you doing? I`m relaxing and painting :)

little houses

days ago i saw in etsy.com how a man is making birdhouses. they were so cute, colorful and joyful that i decided in a minute to paint my imaginary houses :)

winnie the pooh

second attempt to paint with tablet! it`s so fun that i have no word about it! :))) it`s really makin me happy and i hope my bfr will come again with it so i can make another character :))

1st attempt :)

As I told you, I have very talented boyfriend. He is studying animation and this evening we study together... he has the task to make characters of very familiar winnie the pooh and piglet.
While he was drawing by hand i used the chance to try Tablet for painting and here is my 1st attempt :)) I used his charakter and clothed little piglet with suit and now he is ready for date with a flower :) :) :)

something funny

hey, dear artists do you know about this site ? www.vam.ac.uk/vastatic/microsites/british_galleries/designa/textile/textile.html ---> I just made my fabric in a moment. It`s so fun ! You should definitely try it! :) and i`ll be happy to see your own fabric :)
I`m sorry that i`m not able to show you mine at this moment, maybe later when i fix the problem..

A little break of studying

Here is something i painted during my break of studying for exams. Its simple and fast,not exactly in my style.
Are you having fun this weekend, which is actually in its end :)

Such a good day-today ! :)

How are you doing today? It`s been a lucky day to me, although it`s not past yet and i have pretty good expectations for tonight! So it`s a lucky day for me , because of these earring i found absolutely accidentally in one small and sweet local shop for handmade stuff :)
And one more watercolor by me . It`s painted before 2 or 3 years. Show me your paintings if you`re an artist, or your favourite jewels :)

bob marley-sun is shining:)

My first watercolor painting! take a look on it :)What are you doing? Its the end of the week and i`m relaxing with a book about design in architecture. I have an exam on it tomorrow, but it will be quite easy so i`m not bothered:) Tell me about your week :)

Bamboo style

Hi, everyone! Here is something i`ve been keen on since i saw it for first time. It`s the bamboo interior and exterior designes. This tree is the world's most fast growing tree(120 sm./ 24 hours). So for that reason it is absolutely ecological to use this it:) In the past there was also old chinese torture to tie a man between 2 trees and to be penetrated by other tree because of its fast growth.
Here is something i offer you to see if you like that tree.
Isn`t it beautiful? A flower basket made by this very elastic tree.
Bamboo tree can be used for constructing amazingly beautiful structures, imitated flowers again
White paited bamboo fence. Fairy, usefull, perfect for your white and light interior.What a lovely atmosphere, perfect for drink a glass of wine in the evening .
This is an accent, situated at the enter of a bar.
Interior walls that can be formed like you would like and put at place by your own choise :)

Other kind of walls, more japanese :)
Bamboo used by architecture- house. It make quite nice sence in the interior of the house and the light is not so direct and bright.
There are many things to show about bamboo decoration that a book can`t be enough, but if you like it you can check yourself :) Enjoy it!

talented people

Here i offer you to look at some very nice drawings. They are made by my boyfriend, who is a painter since the day he was born. Now he`s studying animation. I hope you`ll like his works at this lazy sunny sunday :)

one more project!

Here is the club for collectors. It`s a public biulding, used for exhibitions. The place where it`s situated is a border between the city and the forest. So where these two systems meet it must happend something. I desided to keep the oldest trees there, so the building is growing up between the trees. Here are what happend at thet border. :)

Back again!:)))

Hi, dear artists! How are you doing? I was very bussy this week I`am ending my projects for the uni, so i have missed many publications in your blogs. The weekend I`m going to look at all that i`ve missed. But the cool thing is that now i have interesting stuff to show you off. :) I have excellent mark at 4 of my 6 projects and i'm going to have the last 2 in a few days.

Here is the first one. We have taks to make Park. Here is mine:) I hope you like it ! please comment. that`ll make me happy:)