Bamboo style

Hi, everyone! Here is something i`ve been keen on since i saw it for first time. It`s the bamboo interior and exterior designes. This tree is the world's most fast growing tree(120 sm./ 24 hours). So for that reason it is absolutely ecological to use this it:) In the past there was also old chinese torture to tie a man between 2 trees and to be penetrated by other tree because of its fast growth.
Here is something i offer you to see if you like that tree.
Isn`t it beautiful? A flower basket made by this very elastic tree.
Bamboo tree can be used for constructing amazingly beautiful structures, imitated flowers again
White paited bamboo fence. Fairy, usefull, perfect for your white and light interior.What a lovely atmosphere, perfect for drink a glass of wine in the evening .
This is an accent, situated at the enter of a bar.
Interior walls that can be formed like you would like and put at place by your own choise :)

Other kind of walls, more japanese :)
Bamboo used by architecture- house. It make quite nice sence in the interior of the house and the light is not so direct and bright.
There are many things to show about bamboo decoration that a book can`t be enough, but if you like it you can check yourself :) Enjoy it!


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