lazy weekend

this is such a lazy weekend. i went out only to buy this pretty flowepot to make my lovely flower more space. Its very fast-growing and i hope it feels comfortable in its new home

How do you enjoy this weekend?


Sofia said...

You know Portugal? Cool:D
Where did you go?

This weekend I did a lot of stuff: cleaned my attic (which is my bedroom, living, bathroom and kitchen lol), washed the building stairs and of course watered the plants because we has really hot days and oh boy are they thirsty!

And tonight I'm gonna dance as you already know;)

One thing I love is to buy a plant bulb, putting it on a vase a see the everyday growing plant/flower. Unfortunately the last one died after growing 15 cm:P (details)

Have a great lazy weekend;)

PS: Do I see an attic window on your top photo?

Rachel said...

i really love plants in pots and this one of the things i plan to do which has taken a backseat for the longest time... i wish i can enjoy a lazy weekend soon:)

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