Great Artist

Architect painter Joshi is one of my favourite artist, who i found in blogworld.
Here are some of his beautiful paintings. I hope that would be inspiring for you, as much as it is for me! Check out more on his blog

Have a sunny day, friends! :)

The Cutest ever Shop!

Hi guys, how was your weekend? I hope smiley and sunny...
My family and I had a little trip to Bukurest with a special goal to visit the IKEA shop there.
I didn't tell ya yet, but i have new apartment and my sister is moving by me, so we need to buy a lot of stuff and furniture.
Anyway, we just have a few thing from IKEA, which are mostly for kitchen or decoration.

I found this LOVELY shop in etsy and i'm highly impressed! I can't imagine how can that be made by hand...obviously a gifted hand!

If you find it cute, as i do, check it out here.
And be smiley at monday! :)

Happy Friday!

End of the week, isn't there anything better than this?
I don't think so! Even if i don't work this summer i still can feel the weekend and enjoy it :)

These lovely watercolors are from the illustrator Stina Persson.
Have a great Friday! :)


I just wanted to post this photo who is a little shoking, but damn good!!
Do you like it? yep? i LOVE that dress and hairstyle, by the way :)
Happy day! :)

J'adore : Rennes

I told you that i start leaning French again, after 3 years break.
I've never been a type of girl who loves to learn languages, but this time i'm truly in love with it!
Do you want walk for awhile on the Rennes's streets...?

All photos from Vince Arno

Color of the day: green

Have you ever think which is the best color for kids? Even if i didn't, here i find some great interior for them! I'm sure i feel great in that room with cute place to play and draw on the wall! Isn't that what we all wanted when we were little kids? :)
I kind of feel sorry that i'm not anymore...

Jenny Steggo is a designer who think best for us!
Green is always quite well and calming, oh calming is not the right word, it's more energetic!

More Color, please!

Sometimes i find myself so opposite.
One day i like pure lines and colors, even no-color things, and the other day i just need to see the most vivid interior, or photo to be inspired from.
Do you feel the same sometime? Or you have particular for-live style?

Here are some great vivid colors which fits great, i think, aren't they?

They are from the designer Lo Bjurulf, who had a great style, different from that above, and also design for ikea and many more...


As summertime is almost over and sun can't burn us more, all i can think is how to make one last vacation to the seaside.
Do you have that nostalgic feeling when the best season is almost gone?
If you do, than you do you get over that? Ohh it's so hard for me to deal with my thoughts and emotions..

Stilist: Camilla Krishnaswamy

How about dark and vivid colors on vintage interior?
These are from the Stilist Camilla Krishnaswamy.
She has many more than these here. She got different style but always with a great proportion and dimanyc.

What are your plans for these week?
I'm enjoying the end of the summer sun and preparing for a voayage in bulgarian mountains.

C'est tres bonne!

What a great day is today!
There are so little things that makes me happy- such as finding fabolous painting.
You should definitely see these if you're man of art like me.Tell me about you, do you feel inspired and full of energy when you find a beautiful paintings, or some kind of art?
I wish you fabolous day!

Lazy Weekend

This weekend is like time stops and the day is like year. all i'm doing is reading a book (which is in it's end unfortunately) and eating a good, delicious food.
What are you doing today?
Enjoy the weekend:)

Summer Breazin

Hi, dear friend
This summer is going so fast. As you see i don't spent time on internet so i'm away from yours and mine blogs.
Here are some lovely pictures that i and my boyfr made when we was on our summer trip to Black Sea.
This one is my favourite. Love it, even if it was absolutely accidentally taken, while we was drivin back home.

Here are some great views of swallows, which were soo much, and so closed to each other. Unique view!

This is from a great lonely beach, called Irakli. There the time stops.
Hope you have wonderful time, as i do. :)

French Films

Hi, dreamers!
Have you ever seen The Dreamers from Bernardo Bertolucci?
I have. It's absolutely fabolous! Totally my style of movie- a little crazy, a little erotic, and with a big story. Ok, the erotic maybe is not so little..:)As i'm starting leaning french again i've decided to make a french movie week so i can get better in lexical knowledge.
So here you're going to be the most important, cause i'm expecting for your recommens:)I'll be really happy if you can help me with this new start. :)
Have a wonderful day!

Illustations: Fashion

I've always been interested in fashion but not as my clothing. I hate the traditions looking girls which buy always what's on top of the shop window. But I do love the fashion as creating piece of art and beauty.
Here are some lovely artist that u just found.
Enjoy the art and beauty here:)