Cirle of Friends

Hi, Everyone!
There are a lot of games like tagging.
Here comes one more. Cirle of Friends!
Teza, from lostinpaper , have choosen 10 of us- her followers and blog-friends, to award.

The terms of this particular award are: Make reference to award and publish it, disclose rules, share 5 things you like to do, share with 10 blogs, inform each blogger (simply right click on the "circle of friends" button and click on 'save picture as' and save the button to your desktop, you can then upload it just like any other photo into blogger).

My 5 things are:
- eating delicios food
- making jewells for myself
- spending the hot summer evening with my friends outside
- having voayages with my family
- finding beautiful art and architecture everywhere

I give an AWARD to these 10 friends:
Iva at
Sofia at
Rachel at
Irina at
JEM 'n Tonic at
Cathy at
Mandy at
Pilarcat at
Brent at
Alisa at

Have a great day!


Laura Trevey said...

awesome pics!
have a great week ~~

Irina said...

Lora, Thank you for the award! I like to read your sunny and colorful blog and I love your truthful comments :-).

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