More Color, please!

Sometimes i find myself so opposite.
One day i like pure lines and colors, even no-color things, and the other day i just need to see the most vivid interior, or photo to be inspired from.
Do you feel the same sometime? Or you have particular for-live style?

Here are some great vivid colors which fits great, i think, aren't they?

They are from the designer Lo Bjurulf, who had a great style, different from that above, and also design for ikea and many more...


Nath said...

it always depends on my mood, my taste differs every day and minute! :) I love this interior, though! :)

Checks and Spots said...

Am loving the blue with a shot of summery, buttery yellow...the perfect tonic to Melbourne's grey morning!
Have just stumbled across your blog and love it! I think you might like Checks and, stop by and visit when you have a moment!

Vanessa said...

I'm definitely the same taste changes with my moods :)

Anonymous said...

of course, they are. They look so colourful :)

Sofia said...

I love colour. And the blue lamp in the first picture is from a brand called Flos, I reaaally like it:D

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