Saturday Light

I've always been fascinating by candles.
I love to stare at their flame in a dark, comfortable room.
Everything becomes different when you light up a candle.
In one of my favourite Architecture and decoration magazines i've found a fantastic and inspiring story about women, who had a Finance education but take a courses into making candles and here it comes : the gorgeous lights

Some of them fit best to a homey atmosphere in african or marocan style, while others are just desinged to be at a luxury, brilliant apartment

I have lots of candles at home and it would be great to have one more apartment where they all can be places as they deserved.
Are you a fan of that natural light? Do you decorate your home with candles? And if you do, Do you light them up from time to time, or you feel sorry to ruin them?
Have a fantastic weekend!


Irina said...

In the candles shop I can stand in front of them, mesmerised, for hours. I am ready to buy every piece I see. Then I remember that 1) there is no place for more candles in the flat 2) How can I burn this beauty? 3) there is nothing I love more then fresh air and candles smoke can ruin it. So realism wins untill next time, when i stop mesmerised in front of candles in the shop... :-))

lolly-jolly said...

I know. The same happens with me! not only with candles...with so many things hah :) but here I have one place where i found a place for over a 20 candles which i bought from different cities. it's a tradition for me:)

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

the last one is so pretty :)

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