As summertime is almost over and sun can't burn us more, all i can think is how to make one last vacation to the seaside.
Do you have that nostalgic feeling when the best season is almost gone?
If you do, than you do you get over that? Ohh it's so hard for me to deal with my thoughts and emotions..


rika said...

wow..the vacation gonna be over ? :/
btw, happy vacation for you ! :D

alli michelle said...

I'm having a hard time knowing summer is almost sad!
I like your blog - glad I found it (and thanks for stopping by mine)!

Sofia said...

Oh I feel that to:/ So much has been happening which makes it even harder to say goodbye to the summer. I try to focus on the good things about to come, but I'm not that convinced yet:P

Her name was Lola said...

Oh, I hear that. Where has summer gone? But, to look on the bright side, autumn brings so many wonderful things to look forward to!

P.S. I've been meaning to tell you I love your new header. It's rather fabulous.


Nath said...

I have that nostalgic feeling, but I am so happy about the fall, it is my favorite season! Cheer up! :)


Nath said...

hey again! :) i am also happy to find you blog, it is great we have somthing in common! But there is a little thing i can`t find a place where i can follow your blog... :D it is mistery for me! :D
your blog is very very lovely, girl! :)

love, nath

Maria Killam said...

I completely get it!! It's so sad when summer comes to an end. . . the only thing that makes me feel better is Fall Fashion!! I love sweaters!

Anonymous said...

here the summer is not yet over. I mean the temp is still remain between 35-40 Degree

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