The Cutest ever Shop!

Hi guys, how was your weekend? I hope smiley and sunny...
My family and I had a little trip to Bukurest with a special goal to visit the IKEA shop there.
I didn't tell ya yet, but i have new apartment and my sister is moving by me, so we need to buy a lot of stuff and furniture.
Anyway, we just have a few thing from IKEA, which are mostly for kitchen or decoration.

I found this LOVELY shop in etsy and i'm highly impressed! I can't imagine how can that be made by hand...obviously a gifted hand!

If you find it cute, as i do, check it out here.
And be smiley at monday! :)


St├ęphanie Kilgast said...

Thanks for the lovely feature and the comments on my blog!
Good luck in architecture as well :)


her name is bek said...

umm yum, they look so cute and delectable!

Laura Trevey said...

these are so adorable!! oh my goodness!!

thanks for all of your kind words and support ~~
i really appreciate it :)
have a super day !!

xo Laura

The Design Boards said...

Very cute! Makes me want dessert!

Her name was Lola said...

I just screamed when I saw those sushi earrings! What a find.

Happy Monday!


Bohemianwhimsey said...

Oh my goodness those look so delicious !!! I especially love the fruit tarts the fourth photo from the top, I think I would be tempted to eat it.....I love fruit tarts. Thanks for sharing , would love to know who makes them.

sara's art house said...

How Cute!!! I love the ring with fruit on it!

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