DIY: Handmade Paper

Hi, dear friends with soul of an artist! :)
Yesterday My Father made me a surprise by buyin me a wonderful magazine called Ideal Home: Decor
He have the impression of my love to handmade things and especially paper as a light material which can decorate almost everything. He saw that it was this tutorial there and now I can't wait to show you how to make your own paper!

Materials are:

  • Used paper, torn into chunks [roughly palm-sized]
  • An old picture frame
  • Screen, large enough to cover frame [nylon, charcoal, fiberglass, or mixed]
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Small tub or sink, with a few inches of water in it
  • Blender
  • [optional] Liquid starch for clothing
  • [optional] Spices, like cinnamon, for scent
  • [optional] Grass, leaves, flowers, glitter, etc. for embellishment
Prepare the homemade deckle

Preparation of the Paper Pulp:
Form your Sheet of Paper:You can use old paper which can be recycled. It can be from newspapers if you want to make grey paper, or it can be from white paper if you want to have more vivid result.
It can be used for cards, notebooks- as a cover, journals, sketchbooks and more and more other papergoods.
You can use also different kinds of leafs or twigs and also the paper can be pressed with something so you can get effect of some texture.

I hope you like that tutorial and if you try it, please send me the result :)
Have a wonderful, creative day!


Kristin said...

What a pretty project!

Rachel Follett said...

Oh wow! This looks like a ton of fun! Thanks for sharing!

vanina said...

Thanks! Intentare hacerlo :)

Bri said...

Ooh fun! I totally want to try this. Thanks for the tutorial!

Laura Trevey said...

Very cool!
Have a Bright, Bold, and Beautiful weekend ~~

xo Laura

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