Stilist: Camilla Krishnaswamy

How about dark and vivid colors on vintage interior?
These are from the Stilist Camilla Krishnaswamy.
She has many more than these here. She got different style but always with a great proportion and dimanyc.

What are your plans for these week?
I'm enjoying the end of the summer sun and preparing for a voayage in bulgarian mountains.


Irina said...

Interesting photos. I have carryed off the 1st anf the 3rd one for my painting experiments. Your new tempelate is great!

rachel said...

Great color combos – the bright colors really pop!

Vanessa said...

Great images!! Love this style! My plan for the week is to get many of my projects completed and listed on etsy :)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

wow I love these pictures.

rika said...

i love it !
the suitcse is really vintage :)

Welcome Home said...

Great images and one of my favourite colour combinations!

I think you might like my post so come over and visit

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the red tea-pot. Gorgeous. We seem to admire alot of the same subjects : )

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