Hey,guys. Today was a really pretty birthday. I was celebrating with my family in a small, nice reastaurant, with a great white wine and so delicious meal. Know i'm expecting friday with a huge smile, cause we're going to celebrate my BDay for 2nd time with a great excursion to my hometown and we'll be tasting a lot of great food and wine in a lovely restaurant.These flowers are from my grandmother who send my in a package! and after 1 day pressed there they are just wonderful standing at the white vase :))
As you know i'm studying French for some time and here is a lovely french blog that i found...
Check out these beautiful Bottles (bouteilles) :) I LOVE love love glass!Have a beautiful evening or day... :)

My Birthday! :)

Hi, dear friends! I know i
m so bad with my blog but i can't even say i'm sorry...We were just my sister, my boyfriend and I...and it was absolutely perfect for celebration with a wine and of course cake that my sister gave me as surprise :))
Today is the most important day of my year :)
I wish myself to be healthy and nothing more! this year have happend something that make me change my wishes.
See how i started my party-week (cause usual the party for my birthday is more that just one day or evening) :
and here...something very beautiful that i found here :
Enjoy your beautiful day! Here it's raining a lot, but that can't stop me feeling great and loved! :)

Wine, Please!

What do you prefer White or Red wine?
When i was little my parents always give me and my sister some red whine with a lot of water :)
Today I have a really nice evening with my sister and her friend. A lot of whine, Laugh, and of course a delicious meals made from my mother!
This beautiful charismatic photo is from here.
Have a really good fresh start on the new week! Kisses! :)


Hi, guys
I haven't much time last week to check your blogs, but finally it's friday! :)
This week was so exciting for me because these 2 things that have happend:
1st- I have been to a wonderful concert of the Singer Silvie Vartan, which lives in France, but actually she's bulgarian
2nd- I saw my result on a very important exam, which wasn't satisfying, but is good enough to go and study in France for 1 semester.

I wanted to inspire you with these amazing jewells that i appreciate fom a long time ago!
They have the name Lalo. I hope you can find a shop near you! Check out their site here!
I have a tradition to buy something from that shop as often as i can.

The photos are from the site, but the one about. which is not that great(but i don't have a professional camera) is mine and it's a beautiful ring that i bought soon:)

Flowers on the Floor

Hey, smiley people i just wanted to show you something very, very beautiful:)

This project you can find here. I think it's quite satisfying to have a rough floor like concrete and an amazing flower on it. It reminds me of Secession.

Un jour tres bon!

Love these gorgeous photos be Ignacio Alonso!
What are your plans for today?
This is one of my favourite day of the week- i have to study for my french lesson and ihave to prepare some projects for the uni.
Have a nice day everybody:)


Good morning everyone!
This morning when i wake up and open my eyes i tought about pancakes.
And the next moment i was already making them:)
Do you love pancakes?
They always remind me of me and my sister. I love them with a jem, made by my grandmother or with cheese. :) To be honest my pancakes are not like these...they are thinner and bigger:)
Have a great day! With or without pancakes :)
this photo is here

La la laa:)

Hi, my dear bloggy friends! :) How are you?
My day was as always on the both sides.

The morning was quite boring with a lot of work to do and with such a little time, but them WOW like in fairytales something so good happend!
My and My Boyfriend won an invitation for the premier of a new 3D film called Cloudly with a chance of meatballs. It would be not only to watch the moovie but also to go to a cocktail party!
I'm so excited...

So minutes before i dress up with my new fabolous clothes i decided to show you some lovely place....I don't have any place arround me where i can built a house on a tree, but if you have, GO do this and have a lovely relaxing time there:))
Hope you have a wonderful time! and i hope your day is not like mine- full with the both opposide sides of the mood :)

Lazy Evening!

I would looove to sit back in couch like thaat. aah would you?
Good night to everyone in Europe and Good morning USA :))

Nature at home!

Look at that beautiful table. Aah it's the prettiest i've ever seen, really!
And inspiring from nature form the designer from Shige Hasegawa, Tokio made lamps, quite elegant and simply beautiful.


Hi, dear artistic souls!
I found this projcet, which is quite interesting to me. Lighting our garden in that way is simply beautiful. It imitates flowers in a wild garden. Do you like it?
If one day i have a house with garden i will definitely search for that lamps...
Beautiful Day everyone! :)

Some pretty stuff!

Hi, dear friends. Since i moved in my new apartment i think it comes the time to choose some lovely pillows. I don't know already what color would be the couch but i have felt in love with these impressive little pillows.

Check them here.
Have a beautiful day!

Lovely Rooms

I couldn't avoid making you see those LOVELY rooms! Aaah I'm in love with them. But to be honest that one with blue and brown colors is my favourite. :)

Which one do you choose? :)

Maisons Des Francais, Tres Bonnes!

Oui, J'adore France!
A day can't pass by without me thinking of France and the wonderful language!
Here is GORGEOUS interior which i found at here.

That lovely white couch with a colorful pillows is my favourite!
Would you like a slice of cheese? :)
Wonderful Room only for good dreams and pretty dresses.

That beautiful table is so like my own at home. My is Brown but i plan to repaint it.I hope you really enjoy that french apartment. It's time for diner. I forgot to tell you My new passion- coocking. :) I hope today's meal is going to be better than the previous :)
Have a wonderful day/evening! :)

Good Morning!

Hi everyone:) I'm drinking my morning coffee and wondering do you already remember me? lol :) I haven't been blogging so long ago... I don't know maybe I need a time to get my everyday rhytm back since the uni starts again.

I didn't tell you that i bought an Orchid Flower 2 weeks ago, it's so beautiful and perfect. I look at him like it's a human. Do you have a flowers in your apartment?

And here are the orchid flowers that i paint months ago. Most of you didn't see them probably so i show them again:)Have a fantastic day everyone!

Lovely House

Hi, dear artists!
I had such a bad weeks, so many terrible things have happened to me that i couldn't even think of my blog! I'm so sorry i stopped posting. Also i'm sure i have missed a lot of your lovely blogs.
Hope everything is going to be fine and i won't leave you again :)

As a new start (the uni is starting in 2 days) I want to make you a pleasure with this lovely house. Enjoy it! And have a fresh start of the week everyone :)