My Birthday! :)

Hi, dear friends! I know i
m so bad with my blog but i can't even say i'm sorry...We were just my sister, my boyfriend and I...and it was absolutely perfect for celebration with a wine and of course cake that my sister gave me as surprise :))
Today is the most important day of my year :)
I wish myself to be healthy and nothing more! this year have happend something that make me change my wishes.
See how i started my party-week (cause usual the party for my birthday is more that just one day or evening) :
and here...something very beautiful that i found here :
Enjoy your beautiful day! Here it's raining a lot, but that can't stop me feeling great and loved! :)


Irina said...

Dear Lolly-jolly! My congrats! You are Scorpio, like me, so as more experienced scorpio (my 22 years a long behind) I wish you to be healthy, optimistic girl as your are and love yourself, do not poison yourself with critique and demands like scorpios usually do.

pilarcat said...

Happy Birthday!

Wish you a very very happy life and smiles all through the year! :-D

Anonymous said...

ЧРД... много яки снимкиииии ;-)


lori vliegen said...

happy birthday!! :)

Anonymous said...

i'm too late, but i wish you also happy birthday

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