La la laa:)

Hi, my dear bloggy friends! :) How are you?
My day was as always on the both sides.

The morning was quite boring with a lot of work to do and with such a little time, but them WOW like in fairytales something so good happend!
My and My Boyfriend won an invitation for the premier of a new 3D film called Cloudly with a chance of meatballs. It would be not only to watch the moovie but also to go to a cocktail party!
I'm so excited...

So minutes before i dress up with my new fabolous clothes i decided to show you some lovely place....I don't have any place arround me where i can built a house on a tree, but if you have, GO do this and have a lovely relaxing time there:))
Hope you have a wonderful time! and i hope your day is not like mine- full with the both opposide sides of the mood :)


iva yaneva said...

Yay! Congrats :)

Sofia said...

A house on a tree... That would be really really cool:) Imagine a storm and you inside of the tree house? hahaha Scary and exciting:)

And congrats:)*

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