1st stamp!

:)) I`m so excited to show this! for month i wanted to do a stamp and it wan`t that easy as i first thought, because i couln`t find all the thing i need for thet purpose.

I would like to make many many stamps with other colors. But i can`t find anywhere colors except- blue, red and black :{

But i`m so happy with this result (as first) ! Do you like it? WiSH YOU a joyful and sunny week! :)))


Rachel Follett said...

You made that? Very cool! Love it!

Sofia said...

I did stamps with potatoes once:P

lolly-jolly said...

:)) yes i made it.
Sofia i also made once at school when i was little

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

this is so sweet :)

The Fashion Inquisitor said...

I must say im loving it =]
Very creative

pilarcat said...

This looks fun. Did you made it from rubber or something else? Maybe I will try doing my own one too!

Mandy Crooks said...

Yes, like this alot. Also would love to do potato prints and some lino cut too.
Thanks for visiting my blog.x

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